Welcome to the Easy-Driver website. We design & manufacture a small range of quality items in the UK.

The ED88A is an eight channel contact closure and relay board designed especially for¬†StationPlaylist Studio Pro a radio studio automation software program. Studio Pro receives the state of satellite (or mixer fader) signalling contacts and any of it’s 8 relays are also under the control of the program.

The PSU-1B is a UK type plug-top power supply supplying 5 – 15V DC @ 100mA max from 230-240V AC input. Unlike most switch-mode products currently on the market is a traditional design using a power transformer & rectifier feeding a low noise linear regulator. This offers very low noise DC with no self-generated switching noise, suitable for sensitive audio or RF applications.

The PSU-1C is an uprated version of the above, delivering 170mA max.

Coming soon – Amicus 16A and 16B 16 bit PIC dev. boards and the Amicus 8, 8 bit dev board, all with an Arduino Uno form factor

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