ED88A module
Contact Closure Module ED88A
Contact Closure adaptor designed especially for StationPlaylist Studio Pro
8 protected contact closure inputs, 8 changeover relay outputs
Input & Relay tally LED's to display both inputs & relay outputs activity
Status LED to indicate the unit is running
Self-powered via the USB cable
Easy connection via pluggable screw terminal blocks (supplied)
Fitted in a DIN rail mounting tray for easy installation
Designed & supported by the UK manufacturer
UK Power adaptor PS-1B
UK type plugtop DC Power Adaptor model PS-1B
Designed to power sensitive circuitry
Input 230-240V AC, Output is adjustable 5 - 15V DC
Delivers 100mA @ 12V DC output
Traditional non-switching design with a
LM317 linear regulator for low output noise
Designed & supported by the UK manufacturer
Shipped by 1st Class signed-for service


UK Power adaptor PS-1C
Uprated Plugtop DC Power Adaptor model PS-1C
As PS-1B above but fitted with an uprated transformer
Delivers 170mA @ 12V DC output


DC lead, 2.5m
Optional DC lead to fit a 2.5mm centre pin DC connector with 2.5m cable.
The power supplies ship without connection cables so you
may wish to order some of these to suit your application


Amicus 16 A board
Preview of the new Amicus 16A 16bit PIC development board.
This board accepts many of the 28 pin DIP packaged PIC24 & dsPIC33 
devices with the exception of the dsPIC33CH & dsPIC33CK which
have a different pinout. For these, the similar Amicus 16B 
board has been designed. Both 16 bit boards will be available soon.
Following on we will shortly be offering an 8 bit Amicus 8 board
based on the original Amicus design.  more...