ED88A module
Contact Closure Module ED88A
Contact Closure adaptor designed especially for StationPlaylist Studio Pro
8 protected contact closure inputs, 8 changeover relay outputs
Input & Relay tally LED's to display both inputs & relay outputs activity
Status LED to indicate the unit is running
Self-powered via the USB cable
Easy connection via pluggable screw terminal blocks (supplied)
Fitted in a DIN rail mounting tray for easy installation
Designed & supported by the UK manufacturer
UK Power adaptor PS-1B
UK type plugtop DC Power Adaptor model PS-1B
Designed to power sensitive circuitry
Input 230-240V AC, Output is adjustable 5 - 15V DC
Delivers 100mA @ 12V DC output
Traditional non-switching design with a
LM317 linear regulator for low output noise
Designed & supported by the UK manufacturer
Shipped by 1st Class signed-for service


UK Power adaptor PS-1C
Uprated Plugtop DC Power Adaptor model PS-1C
As PS-1B above but fitted with an uprated transformer
Delivers 170mA @ 12V DC output


DC lead, 2.5m
Optional DC lead with 2.5mm barrel connector and 2.5m cable.
The power supplies ship without connection cables so you
may wish to order some of these to suit your application


Amicus 16 A board
Preview of the new Amicus 16A 16bit PIC development board.
This board accepts many of the 28 pin DIP packaged PIC24 & dsPIC33 
devices with the exception of the dsPIC33CH & dsPIC33CK which
have a different pinout. For these, the similar Amicus 16B 
board has been designed. Both boards will be available soon.